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Assac adapted military-grade technology to develop and implement cyber-security solutions for consumer Apple & Android smartphones. Assac offers the only Anti-Tapping & Anti-Hacking applications available for the emerging consumer smartphone security & encryption market.

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Octopus is the only unified, Cloud-based security solution that combines a Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM) together with a Security Information Event Management System (SIEM).

Octopus offers an advanced, integrated command & control system, together with a rich mobile application, which allows companies and government organizations to manage all their security assets, technologies, staff, procedures and compliance, in both routine and emergency situations.Octopus offers more than 35 different modules for managing all of an organization’s security, safety, cyber, intelligence, risk and operational needs, from one holistic platform.

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NanoLock protects deeply embedded endpoint devices with limited resources (CPU, Energy, Latency).

In a market of billions of connected devices, NanoLock aims to secure endpoint Internet of Things (IoT) devices by providing a secured memory chip, which prevents overwriting, modification and manipulation or erasure of data stored in the device’s memory.The system is composed from a standard memory chip, an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) connected to the memory chip and a software package interfacing with external management platforms. The system combines hardware, software and integration to the memory chip as part of its basic functionality.

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​pCySys, short for Proactive Cyber Systems, is a one-of-a-kind penetration testing system that leverages artificial intelligence to mimic a hacker’s thought process and methods. pCySys excels where its competitors fall short due to its dynamic and innovative approach which continuously seeks out and identifies system vulnerabilities. pCySys offers a unique solution in a market that has exploded and is expected to maintain high levels of growth for years to come. 

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C4 Systems is an aerospace R&D and integration company which provides technological solutions for the aerial homeland security and paramilitary domains. C4 offers affordable and easy to implement solutions for integration, airborne command & control and augmented reality mission systems. 

Elsight develops innovative technologies for Clear, Reliable & Secure real-time video, audio and other data transmission (both military and civilian) that can be captured, transmitted and displayed whenever & wherever. 

Innovative Multichannel technology provides live video, audio
and other data transmission with unprecedented reliability,
security and bandwidth. 
Multichannel product extends existing bandwidth capabilities, reliability and security of transmissions through aggregation of an unlimited number of network links with nearly zero latency, even during physical movement from one geographic location to another.

Siga’s SigaGuardTM is a revolutionary cyber security solution for SCADA / ICS systems, helping critical infrastructure and industrial organizations monitor and detect anomalies in the operation of their SCADA-controlled, mission-critical operational assets.

Unlike most other cyber security solutions that focus on monitoring and analyzing digital data, Siga’s solution monitors electrical signals that cannot be hacked or manipulated, and uses machine learning and predictive analysis to detect anomalies in real time, whether due to a cyber attack or a technical malfunction. 

MinerEye is a Big Data Analytics Platform that enables scalable analysis and governance of unstructured data across disparate and distributed file shares, desktops, mobile and cloud repositories.

Minereye has developed a new and innovative software for managing sensitive and classified documents, marking them electronically so that their location can be analyzed and tracked across an enterprise’s distributed network, file sharing locations, desktops and collaboration sites, in order to enhance data privacy and protection.Leveraging machine learning and computer vision technology, the system enables companies to efficiently govern, analyze and act on data for data management, privacy, access control, and regulatory compliance.

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